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For the last 17 years, I and a team of lawyers have been representing families threatened by TCE contamination in their water supply, in the groundwater underneath their homes, and in the air inside their homes (called “vapor intrusion”).  Recent reports in the media unfortunately describe how TCE, disposed of years ago in Nonantum, Massachusetts… Continue Reading

JUST THE LATEST REASON FOR AMERICANS TO BE ANGRY AT THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT: Members of Congress Immediately Protect Themselves Against Possible Lead Exposure, While “Regular” Americans are Routinely Denied Environmental Protection 

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Day after day these days, we see expressions of clueless bewilderment from government officials:  “Why are the people so mad at us?”   “Why do they hate us?”  “Why are they so anxious to throw us out of office?”  There are, of course, a thousand reasons, but none more revealing of what’s broken about our government… Continue Reading

What You Need To Know About Toxic Chemicals in Your Neighborhood – #1

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By Shawn Collins and Edward Manzke of The Collins Law Firm, P.C. Co-authored by Cassidy Carroll, Jacob Exline and Gregory Zimmer of The Collins Law Firm, P.C. Over the last 15 years, many of our environmental contamination cases have started the same way. A family gets the startling news that their water is contaminated with… Continue Reading

Find Out ASAP If There is TCE Vapor Intrusion in Homes in Elmira, New York

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Last week, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced that chemical contamination discovered at the former Triple Cities Metal Finishing plant in Elmira, New York “presents a significant threat to public health and/or the environment”.  DEC has determined that industrial chemicals—including TCE—once used at the plant in its electroplating operation have contaminated the property’s… Continue Reading


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The U.S. Army is showing a disrespect that borders on hostility toward its neighbors who live near the Army’s Fort Gillem base just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The Army’s decades-long failure to protect these families from life-threatening contamination—that the Army itself had caused—has forced the U.S. EPA last week to literally order the Army to… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Victory for Human Health and the Environment

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In a recent decision described by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy as “a resounding victory for public health and a key component of EPA’s efforts to make sure all Americans have clean air to breathe,” the Supreme Court backed federally imposed limits on smoke stack emissions that cross state lines.  The ruling, issued on April 29th,… Continue Reading

Multi-Million Dollar Settlements Reached In Vapor Intrusion Cases

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In several prior posts on this Blog, we have reported on developments in two class action lawsuits filed by The Pollution Lawyers on behalf of Madison, Wisconsin area families who live near a factory owned and operated by Madison-Kip Corporation (“MKC”).  Contamination was discovered on the MKC site back in the early 1990’s. Despite oversight… Continue Reading

Looming Vapor Intrusion Problem In Muskegon Michigan?

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On Tuesday September 10th  local media reported that investigation of the former Burgess-Norton plant on Nims Street in Muskegon continues to drag on. Click here to read the article.  A closer look reveals a troubling, and far too common scenario…….the precise scenario Shawn Collins discussed in his most recent blog post.  We have a severe… Continue Reading


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For decades, hundreds of homes in a section of Union, New York known as Endicott have been sitting above a plume of TCE and PCE contaminated groundwater.  TCE and PCE are man-made solvents historically used by corporations to strip grease and grime off metal parts.  Endicott is just south of a former IBM manufacturing facility… Continue Reading

STIFF-ARM CITY: Chancellor and Department of Education Break Promise to Families of Highly Contaminated Bronx New School

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Before we get to the broken promise, let’s first re-cap DOE’s disregard for the health of the children who have attended The Bronx New School for the last 20 years [feel free to visit my previous blogs on this subject dated: 8/30, 8/26, and 8/22. ] (1) In 1992, DOE signs a 20-year lease to… Continue Reading


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This is a hopeful story.  But it must first wind its way through some seemingly discouraging territory.  Hang with me, though, and we’ll get to the hopeful part.  I promise. Here’s the discouraging part: You cannot trust your government to tell you that your air or water is contaminated.  Or to protect you against the… Continue Reading

Suit Filed Against Madison, Wisconsin Polluter

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Back in May of this year, Norm Berger posted an article in this Blog about a serious vapor intrusion problem in Madison, Wisconsin caused by the manufacturing company Madison-Kipp Corp. (“MKC”).  As Norm reported, families living near the MKC plant had recently learned that the toxic chemicals PCE and TCE were present in vapor form… Continue Reading


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After slow-walking the process consistent with its decades long standard operating procedure,  the U.S. EPA  finally recognized what credible scientists have been saying for many years: exposure to TCE causes cancer.  The earth is not flat after all.   On September 28, EPA released the final health assessment for trichloroethylene (TCE) to the Integrated Risk Information System… Continue Reading

The Politics of Pollution: Corporate Polluters Win Again

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After a twenty-year wait, EPA was set to issue its updated hazard assessment for trichloroethylene (“TCE”) earlier this month.  Unfortunately – – at least for everyday American citizens – – the deadline passed without a word from EPA. TCE is a man-made volatile organic compound used by corporations for decades to strip grease and grime… Continue Reading

PLAYING CHICKEN WITH CONTAMINATION: Bronx New School Officials Show How Not To Protect Children

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Basin City, Washington got it right. Last Thursday, Basin City took tests of the system that feeds water into the local elementary school, and found E. coli bacteria.  So, school officials immediately notified the parents of the children attending Basin City Elementary School.  They also decided that the school would be closed right away (on… Continue Reading

OPEN WINDOWS, SHUT MOUTHS: Bronx New School Officials Keep Parents in the Dark About School’s Chemical Dangers

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The TCE contamination discovered earlier this year in the air that the kids breathe at the Bronx New School was so bad that the City’s environmental consultant instructed the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) to “immediate[ly]…open all windows in the first and second floor classrooms at the end of each school day….until the… Continue Reading

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE? Did School Officials Send Kids to TCE-Contaminated Bronx School for 20 Years?

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Something really wrong happened here. Bronx Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott just announced the closing of the Bronx New School.  Walcott said that the soil at the school– and the air that the kids breathe at the school–are soaked with a carcinogen known as trichloroethylene, or TCE.  And not just a little bit of TCE.  Contamination… Continue Reading

Vapor Intrusion Class Action Settlement

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The Pollution Lawyers recently received final court approval of an $8.1 million settlement of one of its environmental contamination cases. In late 2008, families in the small town of Attica, Indiana learned that toxic chemical vapors were entering the air inside their homes.  After getting the bad news, these families turned to The Pollution Lawyers… Continue Reading

Why We Shouldn’t Trust What Polluters Say

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It’s a heartbreaking spectacle.  Japan’s Fukushima nuclear reactor spewing radioactive material into the air and ocean. Yet, even though it’s half a world away, this disaster offers a lesson to Americans that is much bigger than simply, “Let’s be careful about nuclear power.”   The message really is: “We cannot afford to trust our health and… Continue Reading