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“Scientific Study” or Paid Advertisement for Fracking?

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In March 2015, Syracuse University hydrology professor, Donald Siegel, and a team of other scientists published a fracking study in Environmental Science and Technology, the bottom line of which is, basically, “fracking is safe”. At least that’s the way that the pro-fracking forces are selling it. Specifically, Professor Siegel and his colleagues concluded that drinking… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Victory for Human Health and the Environment

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In a recent decision described by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy as “a resounding victory for public health and a key component of EPA’s efforts to make sure all Americans have clean air to breathe,” the Supreme Court backed federally imposed limits on smoke stack emissions that cross state lines.  The ruling, issued on April 29th,… Continue Reading

Does Fracking Pressure Unearth Positive Legal Change?

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Texas recently became the first state to require drillers to disclose the chemicals they use to extract petroleum and gas from rock formations.  See, Texas Fracking Bill    While the fluids injected deep into the earth to recover oil and gas consist primarily of water and sand, they include mixtures of hundreds of different chemicals to facilitate… Continue Reading