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JUST THE LATEST REASON FOR AMERICANS TO BE ANGRY AT THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT: Members of Congress Immediately Protect Themselves Against Possible Lead Exposure, While “Regular” Americans are Routinely Denied Environmental Protection 

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Day after day these days, we see expressions of clueless bewilderment from government officials:  “Why are the people so mad at us?”   “Why do they hate us?”  “Why are they so anxious to throw us out of office?”  There are, of course, a thousand reasons, but none more revealing of what’s broken about our government… Continue Reading

Portland Parks Director Needs to “Get” that Lead Contaminated Drinking Water is Dangerous…or Quit His Job!!

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PORTLAND PARKS DIRECTOR NEEDS TO ‘GET’ THAT LEAD-CONTAMINATED DRINKING WATER IS DANGEROUS…..OR QUIT HIS JOB  A recent review of the Portland Parks and Recreation’s (PPR) handling of high levels of lead contamination in the drinking fountains at the Multnomah Arts Center concluded that the agency failed for years in its duty to protect citizens, especially… Continue Reading