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A study published on July 11, 2012 in Environmental Health Perspectives finds a scientific link between prenatal and early childhood exposure to PCE and adult vision problems.  The study was conducted by public health researchers at Boston University.  It studied a population on Cape Cod, Massachusetts exposed to PCE release from vinyl domestic water supply pipes.  PCE is among the most common — and dangerous — chemicals released worldwide due to its prominent use as an industrial cleaning agent and a common dry-cleaning fluid.  PCE has been previously linked to many diseases, including diseases of the vital organs, cancer, and mental illness.  (See, post on this blog dated February 1, 2012 relating to study of this same population finding a link with mental illness.)  Research continues to demonstrate that the threats to people from exposure to chemicals dumped by polluters are more substantial than those responsible for protecting us admit.  To read this study click on this link.  Prenatal and Early Childhood Exposure to Tetrachloroethylene and Adult Vision.