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PLAYING CHICKEN WITH CONTAMINATION: Bronx New School Officials Show How Not To Protect Children

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Basin City, Washington got it right. Last Thursday, Basin City took tests of the system that feeds water into the local elementary school, and found E. coli bacteria.  So, school officials immediately notified the parents of the children attending Basin City Elementary School.  They also decided that the school would be closed right away (on… Continue Reading

OPEN WINDOWS, SHUT MOUTHS: Bronx New School Officials Keep Parents in the Dark About School’s Chemical Dangers

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The TCE contamination discovered earlier this year in the air that the kids breathe at the Bronx New School was so bad that the City’s environmental consultant instructed the New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) to “immediate[ly]…open all windows in the first and second floor classrooms at the end of each school day….until the… Continue Reading

CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE? Did School Officials Send Kids to TCE-Contaminated Bronx School for 20 Years?

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Something really wrong happened here. Bronx Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott just announced the closing of the Bronx New School.  Walcott said that the soil at the school– and the air that the kids breathe at the school–are soaked with a carcinogen known as trichloroethylene, or TCE.  And not just a little bit of TCE.  Contamination… Continue Reading

Pollution Lawyers Team Recognized By Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

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The Pollution Lawyers were recently recognized in two articles published by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin for our work in pollution cases.  One article discusses the joining of our two firms to create The Pollution Lawyers name, our history, including our obtaining many millions of dollars for our clients since 2000, as well as remedies… Continue Reading

NO COUNTRY FOR POOR PEOPLE: Polluter-Friendly Regulations Force Children in Chicago’s Pilsen Community To Breathe Brain-Damaging Lead…For Years

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Let me ask you something:  If the air breathed by children attending an American elementary school was contaminated by lead levels so high that it could damage their brains, and cause them life-long learning disabilities, how long would you say their parents should have to wait until that air was cleaned-up?  How long would you… Continue Reading


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This is about the importance of getting your well water tested, immediately, when there is even the possibility that it is contaminated. North Stamford, Connecticut and Rockford, Illinois are half a country apart, and have many other things that would seem to distinguish them from one another.  But they have one thing profoundly in common: … Continue Reading