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Will Wisconsin’s new DNR chief serve the people, the environment or polluters?

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In the wake of the hysteria generated by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s crusade against collective bargaining for public sector workers like teachers and firefighters, a new tea party inspired problem has surfaced in Wisconsin.  This problem concerns the environment. Walker’s controversial appointment of Cathy Stepp as Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary has led to… Continue Reading

Polluters Underestimating Their Pollution: Liars… or Just Idiots?

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Maddening, but not surprising.  Business as usual, really. Earlier this week, Japan’s nuclear power industry announced that the amount of radioactivity which spewed out of the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor was more than twice the original estimate of just 3 months ago. More than twice. The same report also said that the Japanese people should… Continue Reading

Vapor Intrusion Class Action Settlement

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The Pollution Lawyers recently received final court approval of an $8.1 million settlement of one of its environmental contamination cases. In late 2008, families in the small town of Attica, Indiana learned that toxic chemical vapors were entering the air inside their homes.  After getting the bad news, these families turned to The Pollution Lawyers… Continue Reading